Can there be male infertility?

Yes, male infertility can also be there. In one fifth of cases only males are responsible and in another 30% cases both male and female are responsible.

What is male infertility?

Infertile males are not able to produce healthy, motile sperm in appropriate amount. Few patients are able to produce sperms but they don’t have motility and others are not able to produce them in adequate no. One in every 20 men produces less no of sperms and one in another 100 is not able to produce any sperm.

How is male infertility diagnosed?

Generally no symptoms are there. Only thing is patients are not able to conceive. Medical check-up is needed to diagnose it.

What are the tests required?

Semen analysis is the only test required.

How to collect semen sample?

Semen sample is collected in sterile container near to laboratory after an abstinence of 3 days. That means no sex and masturbation for 3 days.

What is normal semen?

Volume 1-4cc

Count =/>20 million sperms/ml

Motility 60% of sperms should be progressively motile.

Morphology >14% should be normal.

What are other tests required for infertile male?

If semen analysis is normal, then you need to have postcoital test to check for cervical antisperm antibodies.

If semen analysis is abnormal, then hormonal profile same as female partner and in some cases testicular biopsy may be needed.

What are different factors that cause male infertility?

Sperm production issues (undescended testes, torsion, varicocele, infections and exposure to radiation, chemicals and medications)

Faulty sperm transport (infections, absent vas deferens, vasectomy

Hormone problems and sperm antibodies due to infections.

Can there be sex related problems in males that may lead to infertility?

Yes, there are many sex related problems like retrograde or premature ejaculation, no ejaculation, difficult erection, infrequent sex, spinal cord injury, any surgery on prostate and some medicines also that may lead to male infertility.

Is it preventable?

Yes, up to some extent it’s preventable.

What are the precautions needed?

You need to avoid smoking, excess of alcohol, heat (tight undergarments and hot water baths), have one partner to avoid STD’s, body building drugs. And if you are having any occupational hazards then follow safety guidelines.

What is the treatment for male infertility?

Depends upon semen analysis. You may be benefitted from few multivitamins or you may need advanced treatment like ICSI, donor sperm (Vicky donor)…….



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  • PCOD is polycystic ovarian disease in which you develop multiple no of follicles.
  • Sex hormones get disturbed .Normally a little amount of androgens are produced by ovaries. But in PCOD increased amount of androgens are produced resulting in acne (pimples) and hirsuitism (abnormal hair growth over chin, face and chest).Thinning of scalp hair is also there.
  • Most disturbing is irregular periods for teenagers, that may lead to depression.
  • After marriage you may suffer infertility (inability to produce children) as your ovaries may not be producing eggs.
  • In long term complications there may be your risk of diabetes, high blood pressure.
  • This may run in families.
  • Treatment of PCOD is simple as well as very difficult.
  • Your doctor will ask you detailed history, do complete body examination and will order few tests like ultrasound, complete blood count, blood sugar, thyroid hormones and sex hormones.
  • Healthy living (regular exercise, meditation, yoga and healthy eating) is key to success of treatment to PCOD.
  • Eat lots of vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans and whole grains to limit saturated fats and control weight.
  • In lean PCOD, do some exercise and meditation. Walking is a very good exercise that everyone can afford.
  • Your doctor may prescribe you few medicines like Oral contraceptive pills to regulate your periods, metformin to control sugar and some multivitamins.
  • For facial hair you can go for cosmetic treatment.


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