WORLD CANCER DAY

Don’t ignore if

  • You are having weight loss without dieting or exercise.
  • You are not feeling hungry.
  • You are having weakness or tiredness since a long.
  • Any ulcer that says no to healing like oral ulcer or wound on any part of body.
  • Any headache, vertigo, loss of vision without reason.
  • You are having difficulty in swallowing your food.
  • You are having any swelling in neck, underarms or any other area of body.
  • Any lump or discharge breast.
  • Long standing cough and blood in sputum.
  • Any abnormal sensation of abdominal bloating, indigestion, or bleeding per rectum.
  • Any vaginal discharge associated with foul smell and is copious.
  • Any bleeding thro’ vagina after sex or bleeding after your period is over.
  • Heavy periods.
  • Any bleeding in urine, stools or thro’ nose….

Stay aware stay safe……

For more queries visit A website by the women and for the women…





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