“DONT CONDEMN SEX, CONDOM IT”

On every December 1, we celebrate World AIDS Day. On this occasion, talking about the importance of sex education is a must.

Puberty is usually a confusing time for the child and it is a big challenge for the parents to cater the emotional and physical needs of the child. Lots of new changes take place during this period and there is no platform available where the child gets correct and complete information.

Most of the information that the teenagers get is from their peers or media. Usually this information is incomplete and dubious. The present Indian scenario is also such that parents hesitate to talk about sexual matters with the children. It is important that rather than avoiding discussing these matters, we talk about them and address their concerns.

Safe sex awareness can be started at home and it can play an important role in decreasing the incidence of teenage and unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS and……… As a parent we need to understand that there is nothing embarrassing in talking about sex. In fact, we must realise the hazards of lack of sex education.

However, knowledge only will not bring any major change if we don’t adopt it in practice. For example, so many of us know that unprotected sex can lead to AIDS but how many are really using barrier contraceptives. The message that we want to put across is


Then only,the purpose of celebrating world AIDS day will be actualized. Let us together build a healthy India.



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