The Glucose challenge test measures your body!!!

Did your doctor tell you that you’ve to undergo glucose challenge test?

You should be worried about this! This test measures your body’s ability to breakdown sugar.

Is it really required ?

Yes, all pregnant women should undergo this test. It is required to screen you for gestational diabetes.

What is gestational diabetes?

Gestational diabetes is when you develop high levels of blood sugar because of diabetes. Insulin is the hormone that is secreted by our body to utilize blood sugar. During pregnancy, many hormones are secreted that have a function opposite to that of insulin. It can lead to high blood sugar in some females.

What are my chances of developing gestational diabetes?

About 1-14% pregnancies are complicated by diabetes and 90% of them are gestational diabetes. Indians are at an average risk for developing diabetes.

However, few patients are at high risk of gestational diabetes eg. obese females, those with a personal history of gestational diabetes or a family history of diabetes.

When is the test done?

Earlier, the test used to be done between weeks 24 and 28 of pregnancy. Nowadays we recommend it at the first visit itself.

How is the test done?

You are asked to take sugary solution and after 2 hours, your blood sample is taken.

Do I need to do some special preparation for the test?

No, you need not do any special preparation. You can eat and drink normally before the glucose challenge test. However, you should not eat after taking the sugary solution. And since you will be asked to wait for two hours, you can bring something to read for yourself or can engage yourself in some other activity.

What is an abnormal blood sugar level?

With 75 gram of glucose, 2 hour blood sugar level of 140 mg/dL (7.8 mmol/L) or higher indicate gestational diabetes.

What is the treatment if I am diagnosed as Gestational diabetes?

It depends upon your sugar levels. You may be managed with life style and diet modification or you may need medical management.

Is there any risk to my baby with the test?

No. The test does not carry any risk to the baby.


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