Pregnancy Stages – Your Guide to Bump Watch!!!

– who you want to be there, how you would prefer to manage your pain and what you would like to do if things don’t go as planned.

Many women and their partners write a birth plan, so that when the time comes, all of those involved in the birth of your baby will know what you want. Writing a birth plan can also help you and your support person to think through, and prepare for, a range of possible scenarios.

Let’s quickly make a list of things that will assist us during the journey of Pregnancy both for the mom and the partner. Let’s see what the list is,

 A birth Plan


It is also useful for fathers or birth partners, who will feel more empowered by a birth plan to advocate on your behalf, especially if you have prepared the birth plan together.

The following are examples of things you might want to consider when you are writing your plan,

  •  Support in labor – The people you have around you during your birth can actually improve your experience of it. In fact, research shows that having the right support people can reduce your need for pain relief, assisted vaginal birth and cesarean section.
  • The Early Stages – A sudden gush or a slow leak of fluid from the vagina when your waters break or your membranes ruptures.
  •  The First stage – This stage begins when the cervix starts to soften and to open. At The end of the first stage of labor, you will start feeling a little more restless and tired and your pain will become more intense. It is time to go to the hospital
  •  The Second stage – Second stage describes the period of time from when the cervix is fully dilated to when the baby is born.
  • The Third stage – The third stage begins after your baby is born and finishes when the placenta and membranes have been delivered.

The above said guidelines will further be discussed in detail. Each stage and what are the symptoms and what should be done opposed to them ill be discussed in the coming blogs.

The idea of this blog is to make you aware of a BIRTH PLAN Chart. This chat will be of great benefit and a very helpful guide when you break down the journey of bump watching.


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